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Crunch & Brunch is a healthy lifestyle community based in Hamburg, going around Europe and the world implementing all elements of a healthy lifestyle under one roof, BODY AND MIND AS ONE.

For us,  fun is the name of the game.

We understand that a healthy lifestyle is a matter of state of mind built from more than just one element, so we thought why not combine them all under one roof in a simple structure of movement, mindfulness and the best part - THE FOOD (70% of this puzzle is going down to maintenance, nutrition & eating habits).

Our favourite part is definitely the food section where we provide fun & easy cooking workshops, food recipes, nutritional workshops and mostly plant based/ vegan dishes and snacks.​

On our fitness spot we have our head coach, Jonathan who came to make our sessions a bit challenging BUT don't be alarmed... they are suitable for all fitness levels although we do believe in working hard for our food.

In our maintenance section comes coaching session with different topics and tool tasks, mindfulness, various yoga style sessions, stretching workshops, back & neck maintenance and prevention specifically for working environments.

We also count with the collaboration of coaches, artists and a bunch of other community members that provide their tools to come up to collaborative and fun sessions. 

See you at our next event!

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