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Let's create & personalize your own workout together, adjusted especially for your personal needs and goals and turn it into your everyday lifestyle.

The approach I chose is showing how simple the health goal, weight loss or any other objective you seek could be simple with the right attitude , patience and consistency.

Where fitness is not the only part of this puzzle, to reach our goals there are the most important topics - ''Nutrition'' and ''Eating habits'' , they take.. believe it or not , 65% -70% of this big picture.

Whether it's body weight, outdoor /indoor training, gyms or fitness studios you chose to use in this process, together we will personalice the right approach you want and need to take in order to reach your targets in a balanced way body and mind.

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About me 

I spent the majority of my life around fitness and maintaining a healthy life style,  surrounded with a number of sport streams I took professionally (football, sprinting /running , swimming) that helped shape me and grow with knowledge getting to a better understanding of how to train and treat my body in different and efficient ways. Later on I joined the army and served in a commando camouflage unit for two years where I got the opportunity to learn ''Krav maga'' and more about technique, developing better stamina and how to strengthen my body using  mostly my body weight. When released from the army I applied for my personal trainer License & Nutrition studies at ''Wingate institute''. Straight after I chose a freelance lifestyle where I had to start traveling constantly and I didn’t really have the opportunity to maintain my lifestyle as I always did , so I decided to be a bit creative and build my own routines using the most efficient ways of exercises I could come up with anywhere I go, in this process of living this ''uncomfortable lifestyle'' I got to the realisation that I could actually reach and maintain the same fitness goals, grow and improve with a simple way of training and nutrition input.


Fitness / Training

  • Personalized fitness program suited to reach your goals - Feedback

  • Outdoor / Indoor training

  • Functional training

  • Body weight training

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • Improve strength & Stamina

  • Improve Flexibility & Balance

  • Weekly assessments


Food & Maintainance

  • Meal preparation & planning

  • Nutritional advice

  • Boost Metabolism

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